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First article In Valentin's day 14/02/2009
It is the first article of this blog and it is saint Valentin and I use opportunity to wish good one saint Valentin to Mme Devprogi which shares the life of Mr Devprogi and it for 6 years and that without her this site would not exist. It is Mrs Devprogi who encourages me and supports me throughout various developments. History that I come, although I say to "we", in the most part of the articles on this site, I must confess that I am alone to develop, and I have several caps in my assets as reason. I develop applications popular dance, and I am also in charge of the development of the site. I am neither developer popular dance, nor developer web what explains perhaps the poverty of graphic charter. I am first of all a developer Oracle. But I am first of all a simple enthusiast as a lot, who smokes cigarette on cigarette, drinks coffee on coffee and it until late at night to develop Devprogi (as well application as site) even if you are not very numerous (I thank the friends and the family to come to have a quick look just to be delighted). Some people write novels, others develop. The final objective definitely - on, is to be able to acquire a certain independence and be his own boss, finally personally speaking and I hope one day to be able to say by having "us" of collaborators real and not fictitious. Let us not veil the face, objective is to earn a certain income as any society while working since its domicile. It is my purpose and Devprogi Application in the vocation of etre a software package allowing to develop at home for a distant customer since by concentrating first of all on the functional aspects. I am still far from count but I work on it and I am opened to any comment or any criticism on behalf of the developers. Nowadays, before of ending, the addition of comment cannot again be made, but it is developing. Thanks for your patience. (English is not my mother tongue so sometime I 'm lazy because of late in the night and I translate my articles thanks to internet. I translate it myself later)
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First article In Valentin's day
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