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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
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Devprogi, custom-made software creation

Your business need an inventory management software,an accounting software, a human resources software or others software corresponding specifically to your needs, we offer you to create custom-made software.
You have an idea about a software you wish to sell, Devprogi purpose to you to develop it. Because we need to develop quickly, to decrease price, we made a software with integrated IDE, Devprogi Application. Your software is made with a low price and evolving.

Developpers, you want a developpment tool which you help you to develop software easily and quickly, downlaod Deveprogi Application free and help us to improve it.

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Last news
New release Devprogi Application the February 10, 2010
Actually translation of the application in english with the tutorial so if you speak french and engish fluently, your help is welcome.
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